The Catholic Store

At The Catholic Store, you will find an extensive selection of stunning gifts that showcase exquisitely crafted statues, rosaries, crosses, and crucifixes. Each item is a testament to the beauty and artistry that can be found within the Catholic faith. Whether you're searching for a meaningful gift for a loved one or looking to enhance your own spiritual practice, The Catholic Store has something truly special to offer.

  • Outdoor Statue of St. Michael

    Classic depiction of Saint Michael the Warrior at 24 inches tall.  
    This Statue is made of a Stone / Resin mix.  

    St. Michael Statue 
  • Confirmation Rosary Box with Rosary Made of Olivewood

    The quality and durability of Olivewood makes this box a timeless keepsake.

    Rosary Box 
  • Comfort Cross

    This Cross was specifically (ergonomically) made to fit comfortably in your hand.

    Comfort Cross 
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